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   Ed & Sue Haefliger

Sue & I both grew up on farms and around stock animals so it was only natural after settling on acreage in Western Washington that we'd start to fill the barn with mules and horses. The current headcount tops out at eight (seven mules and 1 Haflinger horse).

For nearly 15 years Sue & I have been fortunate enough to practice the stock packer's trade. The Olympic National Park has give us the greatest opportunity to work as volunteer packers. We fill in the gaps for their own packers, bring supplies to the trail crews and local rangers and assist in emergencies. We work with the U.S. Forest Service in the Olympic National Forest and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. We also volunteer as members of Backcountry Horsemen of Washington.

Our interest in backcountry riding and packing has taken on a life of it's own.  We are now the eternal students, tutored by our experiences.  About 10 years ago Sue and I started conducting packing workshops.   This experience and all the trials and errors of learning to pack ourselves lead us to write " The Mountain Canary Company Packer's Guidebook."  If you find the information in the book or on this site valuable just imagine how much we gained from writing it for you. 

When we aren't out packing or conducting workshops Sue & I continue to work our team, as well as writing and publishing articles both for this site and a variety of equestrian magazines.  "The worst day packing is better than the best day on the flatland," and Sue and I can hardly wait for each new packing season to begin. 

Our goal is continually provide information that encourages folks to develop their packing skills and to become safer and better backcountry riders.

Ed & Sue 

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